Basic Exercise to Start With

There are number of exercises and form of workouts in which the beginners gets confused to start with. Here, in this article we will discuss few of the most essential workouts that one should do or include in their daily workout regime to stay healthy and fit.
1.    Squats:
-    Keep your feet at the hip distance.
-    Now by keeping knees over ankles take your butt down, similarly like you are sitting on a chair.
-    Knees and your lower leg should form 90 degree angle.
-    Knees should not move over toes.

2.    Lunges:
-    Put one leg forward and other leg at hip distance towards back, in split stance, keeping heel up of the back leg.
-    Make 90 degree angle by bending both the legs. Keep the front knee just above your ankle.
-    Rise and repeat by switching the legs.

3.    Push-ups:
-    Start with basic plank with hands at the distance more than shoulder wide apart and palms on floor.
-    Avoid sagging of your lower back by keeping head, shoulder and body in alignment.
-    Push your chest towards floor and go back to normal position.
4.    Pull-ups:
-    Stand under any bar, keep your palms on bar by keeping the hands wider than shoulder.
-    Pull yourself towards upward direction till your chest reaches the bar length and go back to normal position.
-    Keep your body straight while performing this exercise.
These are just a few steps that has to be done on a regular basis to be fit.

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